Retail should be an experience, not just a transaction

In a world where people have less and less time, consumer expectation are on the rise and when shopping increasingly goes online, the physical store has to earn its right to exist. 

Today, when the competition and in-store environment have become more and more crowded there is a need to improve and simplify everyday work in store as well as making the shopping simpler, clearer and more inspiring for the consumer. 

In an ever changing retail landscape, the entrepreneurial spirit that founded our company is more relevant than ever. By anticipating and being responsive to customer needs, we enable them to drive sales, save labour cost, create differentiation and reduce waste. 

Drive sales

Research shows that 76% of purchasing decisions are made in the store. By optimising categories, improving product presentation and reducing out-of-stock-situations have a vital effect on sales. Read more about our merchandising solutions.

Save labour cost

Labour cost is one of the biggest expenses in retail. Therefore, it is important to streamline repetitive tasks such as re-stocking, fronting products and organising the shelves. Read more about our solutions that help stores to reduce the number of hours spent on re-merchandising.

Create differentiation

Our experience from working with the world’s leading retailers and brands has taught us that in-store differentiation is a key factor to be successful in today’s competitive landscape. Read more about our solutions that help creating differentiation in store.

Reduce waste

Waste is both costly and, to a large degree, avoidable. Challenges to reduce food waste, material usage in packaging and avoid theft all carry great societal and financial benefit. Read more about our solutions that are kind to both planet and profit.